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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Electrical Safety News

Don't Get Burned by Myths About Arc Flash Protection

An article in EHS today debunks the top four myths about arc flash protection.

The article notes that:

"An arc-flash accident is a relatively rare phenomenon, leading some electrical workers to believe that it won't happen to them – or that safety standards such as NFPA 70E don't apply to them... the devastating consequences of an arc flash alone should make all electrical workers take notice."

Read about the four myths about arc flash protection in EHS Today (click here).

Switchgear Explodes At Harris Nuclear Power Plant

Power Grid international reports on a switchgear explosion at the Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant in North Carolin. The article states:

"Plant operator Duke Energy Carolinas sent out an alert to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) about an explosion in a non-safety related electrical bus. The bus affects safe shutdown equipment. It was de-energized due to the explosion, but there was no fire, so workers terminated the alert."

Read the article here.

Dad Questions Penalty For Workplace Electrocution

Michael Garrels, the father of a Queensland, Australia worker who was electrocuted, says that the $90,000 fine was not large enough. News 24 reported:

"Jason Garrels was working on a construction site at Clermont, south-west of Mackay, in February last year when he was electrocuted after the power was turned on without his knowledge. The director of Cold Spark Proprietary Limited, Nathan Day, pleaded guilty to failing to discharge an electrical safety obligation. The company was fined $90,000 and Day had his electrical licence suspended for two years."

Read the article here.

The Importance Of Lockout/Tagout

An article by Jack Rubinger discusses LOTO and the OSHA safety standards that apply to LOTO.  The article states:

"It is more important now than ever to generate awareness for LO/TO and educate a broad business audience about LO/TO procedures, best safety practices and the wide range of LO/TO products and services available. LO/TO regulations and appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) protect employees who work around equipment powered by electricity."

In addition to LOTO standards, this article covers excuses for not using LOTO, and challenges to overcome when ensuring LOTO is always used when needed.

Read this LOTO article here.


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