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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Electrical Accidents In The News This Past Week

Typically very little information is reported in the general press about arc flash and and other types of electrical accidents.  This means it can be difficult to determine what happened. Here are a few news reports about electrical accidents from the past week:

Cedar Falls Electrical Explosion Heard Four Miles Away

On August 19th Radio Iowa reported that an electrical explosion "heavily damaged a Cedar Falls Utilities facility. Cedar Falls Fire Rescue officials confirmed the explosion occurred at a back-up electrical generation facility around 10:00 A.M. The explosion was heard throughout Cedar Falls, up to four miles from the site."

Read about this incident here.

Canadian Man Found Suspended From Cherry Picker

The Telegram reports that: "A man working outside a Canadian Tire store in Carbonear is now being treated for unspecified injuries. The man received an electric shock late Sunday morning and was found to be suspended in the air on a cherry picker."

Read the story here.

Electrical Explosion Damages Submarine

The Bellingham Herald (Washington State) reports that an Indian Navy submarine was damaged by an electrical explosion while the submarine was submerged at her berth.  The Russian built diesel submarine had just returned from an overhaul in a Russian shipyard.

Read the story here.

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