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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

British Utility Pays $675,000 As A Result Of Arc Flash Fatality

59-year old John Higgins was just six months away from retirement.  He was working on a He was working on a transformer tap changer in a substantion in Chelmsford (U.K.). There was an arc flash an explosion which engulfed him in burning oil.

The Daily Gazette reports that: "UK Power Networks also said it deeply regretted the death of Mr Higgins. 'Our guilty plea at the earliest opportunity acknowledged our responsibilities for what tragically happened on that day,' said a spokesman."

OHS Magazine reports that, "HSE's investigation found that UK Power Networks had failed to properly assess work with tap changers, did not devise procedures for the work, and failed to adequately train employees for carrying it out. The utility has since revised its procedures for the task, HSE reported."

You can read the story in a local newspaper, the Daily Gazette.

The story is also in Occupational Health and Safety magazine.

Smart Phone Video Of Street Party In Thailand Captures Arc Flash

There is no news report on this incident, but a cell phone recording of a street party in Thailand captures what appears to be an arc flash. What do you think?

Watch the video on LiveLeak.

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