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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Nevada Utility Worker Injured In Arc Flash

Fox 5 In Las Vegas is reporting that an NV Energy worker was rushed to UMC Trauma for treatment for burns last Friday after an electrical box exploded. The report states that a big boom was heard.

As is typical with most news reports of arc flash incidents there is not much additional information available. You can see the video and read the Las Vegas Fox 5 news report here.

Seagull Causes Arc Flash and $75,000 Damage

In Berkeley, CA a seagull landed on a 12,000 volt electrical line causing it to short out with a large explosion and a flash of blue light last Tuesday.  The electrical wire broke, fell to the ground and started a grass fire.  The grass fire cause a nearby home to catch fire.

Read the article in the Mercury News. 

Contractor Severely Burned By Arc Flash

A worker in an underground vault working on repairs to a collapsed 40,000 square foot Landover, MD warehouse, was severely burned by an arc flash last Tuesday.

Read the story in the Washington Examiner.

The collapse of the warehouse was caused by a worker bumping a shelf, used to store paper, with a forklift. This resulted in a domino effect chain reaction of more shelves falling, which eventually led to the collapse of the roof.

Read this story in the Washington Post.

Huntington City Worker Injured In An Arc Flash

A city worker was injured last Tuesday by an apparent arc flash in a pump station. A neighbor reported hearing a big bang, and initial reports indicated there had been an explosion. According to Huntington Deputy Fire Chief Brian the explosion-like sound was linked to electrical arcs inside of the pump station.

Read the story in the Herald-Dispatch.

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