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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Donations Give A Fiji Man Injured By Arc Flash A Prosthetic Face

Fiji is located in the South Pacific
In 2003 Eseroma Nabuka was working at a hotel in Nadi, Fiji.  As a result of an arc flash injury, his head was permanently covered in plaster. He was known as the "bandaged-head bag carrier."

Mr. Nabuka had been an accounting student who, while waiting for a bus during a rain storm, took shelter in an electrical substation.  "As we all crowded in, something happened - there was a blinding flash and a deafening explosion," Mr Nabuka said.

John Cook was staying at the hotel were Mr. Nabuka was employed as a baggage handler. " It was just horrific," Mr Cook said. "He came to my door late one night, something about my luggage. I looked at him and thought to myself this bloke needs fixing."

He took photos of Mr Nabuka and, after arriving back in Sydney, showed them to fellow Five Dock Rotarians who, without a second thought, took on the responsibility of funding his medical expenses

Read the story in the Inner West Courier.

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