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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Loose Connection In Wind Turbine Causes Arc Flash

Reinforced Plastics magazine reports that a loose connection in the electrical system started the fire in the V112 3 MW wind turbine at the Gross Eilstorf wind farm in Germany on 30 March. The fire started in the harmonic filter cabinet due to a loose connection in the electrical system, which created an arc flash.

Read the entire article here...

In a March post in this blog I referenced an article that reported that OSHA was targeting arc flash prevention in wind turbines in the US.  I write another blog about general workplace safety (click here to read) for which I monitor OSHA citations. In April 2011 OSHA issued a citation to Outland Renewable Services, following an arc flash incident which burned a worker. The proposed fine was $378,000.  Prior to that LM Wind Power Blades Inc. of Grand Forks, N.D was cited twice in 2010: once in April 2010 and again in December 2010. Those citations were related to fall hazards and confined space hazards.

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