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Friday, February 10, 2012

Arc Flash Fatalities At Wal-Mart Making The News

In today's edition of the the Huffington Post they are reporting that news about arc flash fatalities at Mal-Mart is spreading with articles in the Boston Globe.  The Huffington Post article starts by dramatically telling the story of Romulo de Oliveira Santo, a worker who died from an arc flash at a Wal-Mart in Walpole, Massachusetts about ten moths ago.

Read the article here.

The Boston Globe article (read it here) reports on the lawsuit that has been filed by the Santos family:

"Santos’s death is now the subject of a lawsuit in Middlesex Superior Court that seeks to hold Walmart Stores Inc. accountable for actions of contractors and subcontractors that build and renovate the retail giant’s stores. The plaintiffs, who seek $5 million in damages from Walmart and two subcontractors, allege the conditions that led to Santos’s electrocution are part of a pattern of unsafe practices at Walmart construction sites, including the hiring of unlicensed contractors and so-called straw men to obtain local permits."

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