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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New DuraLabel Toro Makes Arc Flash Labeling Easier

A new DuraLabel printer, released today, revolutionizes label printing. It is called the DuraLabel Toro. It is the first totally integrated four inch portable printer.

This is the first printer you can take anywhere arc flash labeling is needed and make the labels you need on the spot.

The DuraLabel Toro comes with the DuraSuite Software for printing arc flash labels built in, including your arc flash label database.  Labels can be printed using any of the 4" x 6" DuraLabel arc flash die-cut labels.

The DuraLabel Toro is truly an amazing printer. There is no other printer like it.  It includes a large LCD screen (bigger than you'll find on any other printer), keyboard, mouse and all of the software needed to make any type of label, from arc flash to pipe markers.  Plus it can be run on battery power.  So you can make labels anywhere.

It is the only printer that can print labels that are only limited by the amount of tape on the roll -- so you can actually print a label that is 140 feet long!

It is the only four inch portable printer, plus you can tile four inch strips of vinyl to make larger signs!

It is the only label printer that includes built-in training videos, so you take the full training suite, and all documentation, with you, anyplace you take the printer!

It is the only printer that has a full-size LCD touch screen, the same size you'll find on some computers! This makes the screen easy to read, and provides large, easy-to-see previews of your labels.

The DuraLabel Toro was designed from the ground up to be the custom label printer people wished they had.  Now you can have the dream machine!  The label printer that brings the future to you now.  And because it is a DuraLabel, you know its been quality tested and manufactured to provide superior quality, durability, functionality...  well the bottom line is that it makes your job easier.

Call 1-888-326-9244 to get more information about the NEW DuraLabel Toro custom label printer.

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