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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Arc Flash Absorber

An article in the Electrical Monitor by Em Bureau describes GE's new Arc Vault technology for mitigating arc flash.  This article provides some of the details about Arc Vault, describing the ablative plasma gun used to reduce the energy in an arc flash.  It states:

"GE device constitutes 3 spark gaps and a novel ablative plasma gun inside a double wall container. The 3 spark gaps connected in parallel to the 3 phase conductors of the electric system. The plasma gun is connected to an independent high current pulse source. As soon as the arc flash is detected, the plasma gun is triggered by about 5000A pulse of about 20 microsecond duration. The plasma gun generates ionized species / gas which is spread between the 3 spark gaps. This enables the 3 spark gaps (i.e., 3 phases) to short to enable the current to flow within the system thereby limiting the current flow associated with arc flash and thus arc flash is mitigated"

You can read the entire article using this link.

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