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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Unusual Arc Flash Label Application

This blog is published by Graphic Products, the company that makes Duralabel printers and DuraLabel supplies. Generally I don't talk much about our products, but instead focus on providing arc flash safety and training related information. But sometimes interesting things come up that deserve to be mentioned... such as yesterday.

We have developed more types of supplies for our DuraLabel printers than you'll find for any other printer. We have a full-time staff of R&D researchers, engineers, test lab technicians, and QA people constantly working to solve labeling and sign making problems.

Yesterday we had a call from someone who needed to apply arc flash labels outdoors, in freezing temperatures. It wasn't a job that could wait for warmer weather. The application temperature range on normal arc flash die-cut warning labels only goes as low as 40 degrees. The problem was turned over to our R&D group. They solved the problem, creating a new low-temperature supply. It was then released to our manufacturing group and within 24 hours of the customer presenting us with the problem, low-temperature arc flash labels were shipped. Problem solved!

That's what DuraLabel is all about... providing unbeatable customer service and solving your labeling and sign making problems. We're here so you can have a happy, relaxed and safe holiday season, because the visual communication supplies you need have been delivered and are performing as promised.

Have a Merry Christmas! And a truly great New Year!!

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