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Thursday, December 03, 2009

New York Personal Injury Attorney Says That Electrocution Is A Serious Risk for Workers

The following is from a press release and provides one law firm's view on electrical injuries. Some of the stronger "sales pitch" language has been edited out.

According to New York Injury Law Firm George W. Ilchert, Esq., a partner with Lurie, Ilchert, Mac Donnell and Ryan, LLP, a recent study conducted by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) has shown that one person dies each workday as a result of an electric accident.

"Whether it is an electrocution, shock, arc flash, arc blast, or other electricity-related accident, emergency rooms across the United States treat nearly 8,000 victims each year, many of whom are injured on the job," says Ilchert. "No matter what the industry, electricity is always present in the workplace and although government regulated safety standards exist, accidents still happen even when safety procedures and guidelines are followed."

Ilchert notes that while the NFPA's standards for workplace safety have created a safer working environment for America's workers, including the mandate that electrical equipment be de-energized prior to being worked with, he and the staff at the Lurie Law Firm have become all too familiar with on-the-job electrical accidents in which clients have suffered serious injury by coming in contact with live electrical currents.

Ilchert stated, "The injuries that we see among our clients are typically quite severe and, at times, a work-related electrical accident can even result in death," says Ilchert. "The more serious injuries often require an immense amount of medical treatment and cause lifestyle changes that prevent victims from returning to work, sometimes indefinitely."

According to Ilchert, the lawyers from his firm, like any reputable NY accident lawyer, seek to recover the necessary compensation for the pain, suffering, loss of income, or medical treatments that their clients deserve as a result of an electrical work-related injury. The Lurie Law firm lists the most common work-related electrical injuries as electrocution, electric shock, and burns.

"A quality personal injury lawyer will use a team of experts to determine what, if any, compensation an accident victim deserves," says Ilchert, "and to ensure that anyone responsible is held accountable.


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At 3:20 AM, Blogger Ryan said...

You should get your premises checked every year especially if you own a commercial buidling. Domestic properties should have electrcial safety testing every 5 years or change of occupany.

Get a qualified electrcian!

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