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Monday, June 08, 2009

Relationship between the CE Code and Z462

Another IAEI Magazine article discusses Canadian electrical codes and the relationship between the CE Code and CSA standard Z462. You can read this article here.

The article provides a brief overview of the rules that apply to maintenance and operation and also looks at what has changed with the development of Z462.

In the article summary, it states:
"CE Code governs safety requirements for installation of electrical equipment. Such electrical work must be done by the construction electricians under electrical permits and is subject to the inspection services by regulatory authorities. Under no conditions is such work permitted to be done on live equipment"
"However, the CE Code also regulates provisions for maintenance and operation of operating equipment, and although Rule 2-304 does not allow such maintenance on live equipment, it recognizes that sometimes a completed disconnection of the operating equipment is not practicable for certain repairs, alterations or testing."
"For this reason, Rule 2-306 has been introduced into the 2006 edition of the CE Code. This rule mandates installation of warning signs of potential shock and arc flash hazards on electrical equipment. Explanatory Note in Appendix B on this rule leads the users of the CE Code (who intend to maintain live electrical equipment) to NFPA 70E and to IEEE 1584 in order to determine severity of exposure, to evaluate the arc flash hazard distance and incident energy resulting from the arc, and to select personal protective equipment appropriate for the anticipated incident energy — to protect against shock and arc flash hazards."

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