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Monday, January 05, 2009

Establishing an Arc Flash Loss Prevention Program

I just found this white page published by M.C. Dean, Inc. last August. The introduction to the white paper describes its purpose as designed to:

[Quoted from the introduction to the white paper.]

● Give middle and upper management an executive level description of the details surrounding arc flash and the industry’s best proven business practices. After reading this paper executives should have the confidence to begin the process of assigning the right team and resources needed to develop the methodology that best carries out a safety and arc flash loss prevention program tailored to their organizations.

● Provide the technical manager with a support document that can be presented to upper management along with recommendations to improve corporate safety policies by integrating an Arc Flash Loss Prevention (AFLP) Program.

● Provide business leaders with a quick reference guide to the questions they have involving who is responsible (in the eyes of OSHA and the judicial system), how to resource, how to control cost and how to build a sustainable program that can be monitored by a non-technical manager.

● Equip risk managers with a methodology to process a loss prevention program targeted to exposure related to arc flash. This includes the means to identify, evaluate, choose, implement, monitor and manage a comprehensive program that is sustainable and provides measureable data that can be used to calculate best risk management decisions.

● Caution on the use of “over-simplified” allowable tables and charts the industry has developed to establish arc flash protective measures. The risks include controlling the cost of expensive personal protective equipment (PPE) that may or may not be needed and giving untrained workers the false sense of confidence when working on energized electrical equipment. The result is a mismanaged safety program.

You can read the white paper here.

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