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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Daredevil Electricians of Pakistan

A post on the "All Things Pakistan" blog caught my attention. It has a lot of pictures, as well as commentary, about the lack of safety during utility wire maintenance and repairs. One of the introductory paragraphs states:

"The daredevil mentality persists where Electricians over look safety measures thinking they know it all. They think if nothing has happened to them in all these years, then nothing will happen to them in the future because of their experience. Sometimes they even think it is below their macho image to wear protective equipment. It is true that these electricians may have knowledge of basic rules of electricity and physics but mistakes and accidents do happen and in such circumstances, I believe these guys and our utility companies (WAPDA and KESC) are very ill prepared."

Take a look. Here is the link: Daredevil Electricians

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