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Thursday, September 04, 2008

IEEE / NFPA joint research update

The IEEE / NFPA Arc Flash Collaborative Research Project is ready to begin testing that, ultimately, should lead to more accurate and effective arc flash standards. An article on the IEEE site provides background on the project.

The goal of the IEEE / NFPA joint research is to create rigorously-tested models of arc flash phenomena that can serve as a reference in creating improved formulas and safety codes. In addition to exploring the effects of varying voltages, arc gaps, enclosures, and so forth on incident energy, researchers will be investigating secondary hazards of arc flash such as toxic gases, sound waves, and ultraviolet radiation.

A network of laboratories around the world, carefully vetted by IEEE / NFPA project members over the last year, will be participating in the study. Total costs of the research are expected to be $6.5 million, of which more than half has already been raised. Ben Johnson, project co-chair, stated: "I expect that we’ll gain information that can lead to improved equipment...if we can save just one life, all this is worth doing.”

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