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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Arc flash survivor's story

Bill Giffen was hit by an arc flash incident last year while working as a Master Electrician. The resultant injuries have left him permanently disfigured, and have had a serious impact on his personal life. On his web site,, Bill tells his story and provides photos of the accident's aftermath.

Bill sees his first-hand experience with the dangers of arc flash as giving him a mission to help inform other electrical workers of the importance of safety consciousness. He offers a presentation designed, in his own words, "to bring the very real face of an accident to you, your employees and your co-workers." More than a run-through of dry safety procedures, Bill's presentation is designed to provide a wake-up call to the importance of using well-planned, safe procedures every time--because it only takes one lapse of judgment to change a worker's life forever.

A portion of the proceeds from Bill's presentation is donated to trauma and burn centers.

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At 10:35 PM, Anonymous Electricians Greenwood Indiana said...

The best way to prevent arc flash incidents from occurring is to de-energize equipment before beginning work. The new industry standards are designed to protect workers and the workplace in the few instances where turning off the power could create a greater hazard to people or processes than leaving it on.


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