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Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Arc Flash Printer

Graphic Products has just released the new DuraLabel PRO 300 industrial label printer. This is a high resolution 300 dpi thermal transfer printer that incorporates high-speed processing to provide fast printing of labels and signs.

This new printer provides five options for printing arc flash labels and signs.

The DuraLabel PRO 300 comes with the Flash Label database software. This software is used to create, print and store arc flash labels. Labels are printed using preformated 4"x6" die-cut labels that are available with either a danger or a warning header. Die-cut labels are available in both English and Spanish.

The die-cut labels may also be printed using generic software such as Microsoft Word or Excel, or using arc flash calculation software such as EasyPower.

As a third option the DuraLabel PRO 300 can use continuous two-color vinyl. This is a white vinyl tape with a colored header section typically used for a signal word. Two-color arc flash labels can be formatted to include any desired information. Two-color vinyl is available in four inch widths and may be printed in nearly any desired length. Two-color continuous vinyl is unique product available only for the DuraLabel line of printers.

Single color continuous vinyl is an option that provides total flexibility in label design. Information can be formatted and arranged to suit facility requirements.

The DuraLabel PRO 300 can also print text and graphics spanning multiple strips of vinyl. This means arc flash signs can be printed by combining strips of single color vinyl. For example, two 36" strips of orange tape and four 36" strips of white tape would be combined to create a 24" x 36" arc flash warning sign.

In addition to arc flash labels the DuraLabel PRO 300 can print a wide range of other types of labels and signs. From wire markers to pipe markers, tamper evident labels to glow-in-the-dark signs... the DuraLabel PRO 300 gets the job done right.

Use the links above for more information about the DuraLabel PRO 300 printer.

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