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Monday, February 11, 2008

Voltage Indicators Enhance Safety

The February 2008 issue of Automation & Control News includes an article about improving safety through the use of voltage indicators. The article opens with the following illustration:

"Near-death experiences among paper mill electricians are all too common. On this particular day, a combination circuit breaker/welding outlet failed to provide power to the welder. The maintenance electrician began to replace the outlet. Casually, his co-worker paused and said, 'Better check it with a meter.' The meter revealed that one phase of the circuit breaker had failed 'live' leaving the outlet energized. For these guys, this near-death experience is permanently imprinted on their minds in vivid 'Technicolor' detail never to be forgotten."

The article goes on to describe various methods of detecting voltage, and how voltage indicators and volt meters "a
re on the same team with their own unique safety benefits."

No author for the article is listed, but it appears to have come from Grace Engineered Products, Inc.


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At 11:40 AM, Anonymous test equipment said...

A lot of times, test equipment must be used to accurately test the voltage.

Thanks for a fine read!


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