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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Victims Of Arc Flash

The statistics say that 10 people a day are injured by arc flash. More and more of these people are telling their stories using video. I'm finding new videos on a regular basis. In the following video a man and his wife tell the story of his injury as a result of an arc flash. It is called "Arc Flash - Survival or Prevention. The David Bird Story."

Why are so many videos about arc flash showing up on the internet? My guess is because arc flash injuries are so sudden and unexpected, and the consequences are serious. The key word here is "unexpected". Arc flash hazards have been ignored until recently. Most equipment that presents an arc flash hazard is not even properly labeled. Workers have not had arc flash safety training.

This is a safety hazard that can not be ignored any longer.

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At 2:32 AM, Anonymous arc flash protection guy said...

The statistics are frightening when you start thinking about them.

How many of these injuries could be avoided with the right procedures and the correct PPE? My thinking is a lot more than are currently.

Good looking out on this and thanks for the video.


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