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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Arc Flash Evolution

An article titled "Arc Flash Evolution" was included in the December issue of Control Engineering magazine.

"It seemed safe enough. The industrial electricians were just going to take a few measurements prior to starting the job. Everything was energized, but that should have been OK, because the electricians were going to be a safe distance away."

"They were. The metal tip of their wooden yardstick wasn't. The resulting arc appeared and vanished in less than a second, sticking around long enough to catch clothes on fire. The unlucky electricians joined the estimated hundreds of arc-flash injuries a year that require hospitalization. Their co-worker standing 10 feet away became one of the thousands who annually suffer injuries that don't require a hospital stay."

The article goes on to discuss arc flash warning labels, bolted vs. arcing faults and tripping devices used to limit the severity of arc flash. At the end of the article it refers to a video of a one hour arc flash webinar called "Arc Flash Hazard: Understanding Safe Electrical Work Practices, Standards and Regulations". The video can be viewed after going through a short registration process. Although I was not able to view the video, as I got a blank screen after registering. This may be the result of the network security we have in place. However, the article on its own is worth reading.

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