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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Free Online Electrical Formulas

The following web sites provide general purpose electrical formulas and information:

Search Electrical provides a range of electrical formulas and resources available as Excel spreadsheets or PDF files. They include an Arc Blast Calculator available as an Excel spreadsheet. A Fault Current spreadsheet and planning documents. Plus there are links to free online conversion utilities and other resources.

MC² is a company that provides estimating services for contractors. They provide a page with electrical formulas for estimators. The following formulas are provided: AMPERES when KVA is known; AMPERES when horsepower is known; AMPERES when kilowatts are known; KILOWATTS; KILOVOLT/AMPERES; HORSEPOWER and WATTS.

ConWeb provides a variety of technical tables, including Electrical & Mechanical Formulas . These include: OHMS Law; Power - AC Circuits; Power - DC Circuits; and formulas for fan, blower and pump motors.

BOWest Party, Ltd. - Electrical & Project Engineering has a library with a wide variety of electrical information and formulas such as Electrical Circuit Theorems; Electical Circuit Formulas; and Electrical System Formulas. All of the formulas are indexed at the bottom of their page.


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