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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ultrasonic Analysis and Arc Flash

"Another application that is often overlooked is the use of airborne ultrasonics as an added safety measure when opening electrical cabinets. An example of this might be during a routine IR thermography scan. Pre-screen the cabinet doors with an ultrasonic meter to detect any arcing that may be occurring in the breaker or starter. This arcing will ionize the air inside the cabinet. When the cabinet door is opened, the fresh air becomes a welcomed path to ground, producing an extremely dangerous arc flash."

The above is a quote from an article by Andy Page , "How are you using ultrasonic analysis?" in Reliable Plant Magazine. 11/2007

The article discusses ways in which
structure-borne ultrasonic analysis can be used to improve safety. There are two types of ultrasonic analysis:

Pulse-echo ultrasound generates an ultrasonic pulse that is transmitted into a material. It is typically used for imaging, to measure material thickness or to locate material discontinuities.

Structure-borne ultrasonic analysis, also known as passive ultrasonic analysis, detects and analyzes the ultrasound coming from a equipment and is used to detect and predict various types of failures. In addition to numerous other applications, this article provides two examples of how passive ultrasonic analysis can be used to prevent arc flash incidents.

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