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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ferraz Shawmut Arc Flash Paper Wins Award

The following is a press release from Ferraz Shawmut

Paper Written by Ferraz Shawmut's Wilkins, Lang and Allison Wins First Place at PCIC Conference

IEEE recognizes authors for "Effect of Insulating Barriers in Arc Flash Testing"

NEWBURYPORT, MA — Three Ferraz Shawmut engineers and researchers were recently honored for an insightful paper presented at the 2006 IEEE Industry Applications Society Petroleum and Chemical Industry Technical Conference. "Effect of Insulating Barriers in Arc Flash Testing," was named the first place prize paper from last year.

IEEE recognized authors Robert Wilkins, Mike Lang and Malcolm Allison at an awards luncheon on Sept. 17 in Calgary, Alberta, held in conjunction with the 54th Annual IEEE IAS Petroleum and Chemical Industry Technical Conference.

"Words alone can’t describe our gratitude to the IEEE, IAS and PCIC for this recognition, and our company is truly fortunate to employ such talented individuals as Robert, Mike and Malcolm," said Ken Hooper, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Ferraz Shawmut. "These continued research efforts give us greater knowledge of arc flash hazards, which can make the electrical industry safer. There's nothing more important than finding better means of protecting people."

Determining award-winning papers involved multiple levels of evaluation:

•At least four technical reviews were conducted for each IEEE PCIC paper before the conference. Technical reviewers scored papers based on: reader interest, reference value, originality, conciseness/clarity, and layout/format/figures.

•The chair for the technical subcommittee sponsoring the paper also provided a technical review summary.

•At the conference, each paper received 10 oral reviews from audience members immediately following its presentation. Oral reviewers scored papers based on: visual aids, oral presentation and audience participation.

•The technical session moderator also submitted an oral review.

•Scores were tabulated for all 42 papers presented during the conference, and the PCIC Executive Subcommittee and Papers Review Subcommittee, about 150 people, voted on the 10 best papers.

•The Papers Review chair and vice chairs reviewed the results and presented the top six papers to the PCIC Executive Subcommittee for approval.

"Recognizing exceptional achievements and contributions is an important part of the mission of the IEEE, the Industry Applications Society, and the Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee," said H. Landis Floyd II, advisory and awards subcommittee chair. "We extend heartfelt congratulations on this recognition of dedicated contributions to the electrical engineering profession."

To view Ferraz Shawmut’s paper, "Effect of Insulating Barriers in Arc Flash Testing," visit

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At 5:54 PM, Anonymous UAOMS said...

just out of curiosity how many people entered this contest?

At 7:55 AM, Blogger Steve Hudgik said...

UAOMS, thanks for your comment. It was not a contest people entered like a sweepstakes type contest. All of the papers presented at the conference were eligible to win. There were 46 papers presented. About 150 people voted to select the top ten best papers. Then the IEEE Paper Review Board selected the top six and those were presented to the IEEE Executive Board for review.


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