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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Regulating Arc Flash Hazards

An article in the May 2007 issue of Occupational Hazards magazine digs into OSHA's proposed rules to reduce electrical burn injuries, and raises several serious questions about the effectiveness of these rules. The article states:

"There are several problems, however, with the proposed rules. First, the proposed rules do not clearly define the obligations of an employer. Second, electrical arcs are unpredictable and the methods for calculating the maximum available heat energy to which an employee may be exposed are extremely unreliable at high voltages. Third, even if employers could calculate the actual maximum available heat energy and put their employees in the appropriate arc-rated clothing, there is still a 50 percent chance than an employee could sustain a second-degree burn. Finally, attempting to comply with the proposed rules may cause the same injuries that the proposed rules are designed to prevent in the first place."

The article addresses each of these points.

Occupational Hazards Magazine does not make it easy to link to their articles. Use this link to go to the May 2007 issue. Then at the top of the page, use the "Page" box to select page 41. As you finish reading each page you'll need to use the "Page" box to select the next page.

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