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Friday, March 23, 2007

Regulations for Protecting Workers From Arc Flash Hazards

The Ferraz Shawmut web site has a one page summary of arc flash codes and standards. It covers OSHA, NFPA and IEEE, as well as the Canadian standards.

It is available at:

However, this page does not talk about what OSHA requires as far as arc flash hazards. OSHA references NFPA 70E for arc flash hazards. (Also know as the NEC -- National Electric Code.) This means that arc flash labels are required on equipment that has 50v or higher. However, NFPA 70E does not specify what information should be included on labels.

What information should be included on arc flash labels?

Sufficient information to warn and protect people from the hazard. Injuries resulting from arc flash can be very serious and you'll want to do all you can to protect your employees, contractors, vendors and others. To do this arc flash labels should clearly show the required PPE, the various flash boundaries, and the energy level at 18 inches. The same label should also provide shock hazard information.

As the Ferraz Shawmut web page states, the first and best line of prevention is to de-energize the equipment. The arc flash label should identify the first upstream device than can be used to de-energize the equipment.

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