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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Plants Services Magazine - Best Practices Award

Online non-contact IR thermometry won the Plant Service Magazine Best Practices Award. What is online non-contact IR thermometry? What can it do for you?

The article states:

"Thermal monitoring systems employing noncontact infrared (IR) sensors can measure temperature just about anywhere on the factory floor. These versatile devices measure and accumulate real-time data, and are well suited for environments with moving targets, inaccessible objects and high temperatures. An IR thermometer has no energy interference (thus, no energy is lost from the target), and no risk of contamination or mechanical effect."

The advantages of IR thermometry are that it provides continuous monitoring and allows changes in heat to be quickly and reliably detected. As the article concludes it points out the advantages for arc flash safety:

"Continuous thermal monitoring provides a safer, non-intrusive alternative for equipment inspection. With traditional physical maintenance, there always is a chance of an accident causing failure of the equipment or putting personnel in harm’s way. In the worst-case scenario, a technician can be killed from an accident or arc flash. Noncontact thermal monitoring eliminates concerns about electrical isolation, insulation and EMI flashover associated with contact probes. IR sensors can accurately measure temperature without contacting the surface of the target."

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