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Monday, February 19, 2007

LockOut / TagOut

The best way to prevent arc flash injuries is to not be working on energized equipment. Having an effective lockout / tagout system is an key component. The American Federation of State, County and Mucipal Employees has an article in the Health & Safety area of their web site that provides a good overview of lockout /tagout. Developed using a grant from OSHA, it provides a complete introduction to lockout /tagout. The topics covered are:

Identifying hazardous energy
What is lockout/tagout?
When is lockout/tagout needed?
What does OSHA require?
Tagout vs. Lockout
Tagout Program
Lockout Tagout equipment
Applying Lockout/Tagout
Release From Lockout/Tagout
Periodic Inspections

While Lockout / Tagout is important in preventing arc flash incidents, it is a much broader safety measure. It involves all forms of potential energy. As the article states:

"Hazardous energy can found in the workplace in different forms. The most common form of energy is electrical, but mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, and thermal energy can also be dangerous. Energy can also mean movement or the possibility of movement."

The benefits of a good lockout / tagout program extend beyond arc flash safety and include any area in your facility in which energy is used.

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