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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Field Marking of Arc Flash Hazards

I ran across a paper, published by Underwriter Laboratories, about arc flash and arc flash labeling. It is from 2002, but the information it contains is still relevant.

As with most arc flash articles and paper it provides a description of arc flash. The next section is fairly good for the layman, giving a simplified explanation of arc flash boundaries and how they are determined.

It then goes on to talk about NEC Section 110.16, which covers arc flash labeling. The paper states that the 2002 requirements dealing with arc flash hazards: "requires field marking for switchboards, panel boards, industrial control panels and motor control centers. The marking is intended to warn qualified persons of flash hazards where the equipment is likely to be examined, adjusted, serviced or maintained while energized."

"The marking must be located on the equipment in such a manner as to be clearly visible to qualified personnel before they commence work on the equipment. Make sure this field marking is applied in a very visible location so when you work on electrical equipment while energized, you are very aware of the hazards involved. Take the necessary safety steps to ensure that no one suffers serious burns or injuries."


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