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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Duke Power Heat Flux Calculator

The Duke Power Heat Flux Calculator is free software that calculates the heat flux on a surface at a specified distance from an arc flash. The parameters of the arc flash can be entered including available amps, voltage and the arc gap.

This software is now available for downloading from the NFPA 70E Arc Flash Labeling site. (Heat Flux Calculator Download Page).

This software is available on a number of web sites. What makes this download desirable is that the software has been packaged in an automatic installation. A single click of a button takes care of the complete installation. The installation will copy the files to your hard drive, put an icon for starting the software on your desktop, and also installs icons for the software and the documentation on yout START > PROGRAMS menu. An option for automatically uninstalling the heat flux calculator is also provided.

All of the other downloads require you to download a zip file, unzip it, place the files where you want them located and then create your own icons.

If you have use for a heat flux calculator, the web site is the place to download it from.


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