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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Video of World's Largest Jacob's Ladder

Today and tomorrow we'll be taking a look at some videos. Today's arc flash video is in the post below.

This first one is a huge arc, the world's largest Jacob's ladder.

The above incident is described on the web site as:

"This is a 3 phase 500KV motor operated disconnect that is NOT intended to be opened under load. There is a switcher that is designed to open under load in the circuit and then this disconnect opens. In this case, one phase of the switcher failed to open, resulting in one phase of the disconnect opening under load. "

The result was a huge arc that was eventually stopped when an operator manually opened a shutoff switch.

The utility knew there was a problem and were video taping the operation of the disconnect to help locate and identify the problem.

Although this is not an arc flash (see today's other post), it is spectacular and interesting to see.


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