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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Standards Set the Pace for Safety

Electrical Contracting Products magazine published an article in their August 2006 issue title: "Review of NFPA 70E Detailing Electrical Workplace Safety". The article opens by stating:

"Five to ten times per day in the United States, an electrical worker is severely injured or killed in an electrical arc flash accident. Other electrical incidents can also injure workers and these typically involve accidental contact with energized parts. The injuries and fatalities that result from these accidents are always devastating to the affected workers and their families. Additionally, the financial consequences of such events can be very damaging to a worker’s company."

It then goes on to discuss NFPA 70E in the following sections:

(-) Safety Program With Defined Responsibilities (NFPA 70E 2004 Article 110.7)

(-) Analysis for Arc Flash Hazard Degree (NFPA 70E 2004 Article 130.3)

(-) Training for Workers (NFPA 70E 2004 Article 110.6)

(-) Personal Protective Equipment (Clothing) for Workers (OSHA 29CFR 1910.335)

(-) Tools for Safe Work (NFPA 70E 2004 - Article 130(D)(1))

(-) Warning Labels on Equipment (NFPA 70 2005 - Article 110.16)

(-) De-energizing Electrical Equipment

(-) Overcurrent Protective Devices

(-) Documentation

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