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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Preventing Arc Flash Injuries

The introduction to an article published in Occupational Hazards magazine states, "By following a few logical steps to develop an understanding of arc flash hazards, you can help to prevent injury to yourself and those around you."

The article goes on to point out, "At the 11th annual IEEE-IAS Electrical Safety Workshop, statistics presented from a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health study showed that during the period from 1992 through 2001, there were 44,363 electrical-related injuries involving days away from work. The number of nonfatal electrical shock injuries was 27,262, while 17,101 injuries were caused by electric arc flash burns."

The question, "What do we do?" is then raised and answered by a six step process:

Step No. 1 – The Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

Step No. 2 – Gather the Information

Step No. 3 – Perform an Arc Flash Study

Step No. 4 – Choose the Proper PPE

Step No. 5 – Mark Your Equipment (apply arc flash labels.)

Step No. 6 – Train Your Workers

Read the complete article at Occupational Hazards Magazine

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