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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

APPA’s Influence on the 2008 National Electric Code

This is an interesting article that discusses how the National Electrical Code has been influenced by APPA, forestalling "at least $250 million in regulatory conformity costs." APPA is a professional organization for educational facilities professionals. In 1999, APPA received voting privileges on the content of the National Electric Code.

This article provides a good overview of the history of the arc flash electrical code (and NFPA 70E), the trade-offs that had to be made, and how the current code was arrived at. It also provides a look into the future and what might be expected when the code is next updated.

One of the major concerns in developing the code has been labeling requirements. For example, the article states:

"Many engineers embraced the incident energy labeling proposal because it held out hope for more funding for engineering. We saw flash hazard regulations as a way to get funding to fix stuff. Sensing the market, the IEEE updated its standard 1584, 'Guide for Performing Arc Flash Hazard Calculations'."

However, as the article explains, incident energy labeling was not included in the current code. The trade-offs between safety and economics become visible in this article.

You can read this article on the APPA web site.

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