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Monday, July 24, 2006

OSHA Answers A Letter About NFPA 70E

A letter written by OSHA to Associated General Contractors of Indiana, Inc., in response to questions sent to OSHA, provides some helpful information for understanding the application of NFPA 70E.

The letter discusses the answers to five questions:

1. Is a general contractor required to oversee a subcontractor's compliance with NFPA 70E? In their responses OSHA discusses the General Duty Clause and the OSHA Multi-employer Citation Policy.

2. OSHA has not incorporated the personal protective equipment portions of NFPA 70E? Does an employer have an obligation under the General Duty Clause to ensure that its own employees comply with personal protective equipment requirements in NFPA 70E?

3. an an employer be cited for violating an OSHA requirement for personal fall protection (PPE) where a properly trained employee decides not to wear the PPE?

4. Are there OSHA standards that state that an owner of a work facility must identify and mark electrical hazards for contractors?

5. How can I distinguish between electrical work that is considered "construction work" and electrical work that is considered "general industry work"?

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